How to Use Virtual Backgrounds in Instagram Stories


Sometimes you just wanna add a fun background to your Instagram Stories and now you can!

The first step is to have the video or image you want to add to your background saved to your camera’s photos.

Next, open this Instagram-made AR effect on a phone with Instagram installed. This will automatically open up the camera within your Instagram app. If you are not logged into an account, you may have to enter your login information.

Once the camera is open, click the add media button at the bottom of the screen, above the effects carousel. This will open up your camera roll. Navigate to your chosen video or photo and click! You can pinch to zoom in and out to get the look you want.

Press the middle circle button to take a picture or hold to record a video. Take selfies to your heart’s desire!

Have fun and reach out to us at if you have any issues or questions!I